June 19, 2024
Bellsouth Email

Simple Steps To Enable Desktop Notifications For Bellsouth Email

Bellsouth email service is powered by AT&T communications and is offered to all those users who have subscribed to any of its services. Users of this email can also access this email through SBCGlobal login as both the companies have now partnered with each other and offering the services collaboratively. You can configure this email in 5 easy steps which were discussed in the previous post.

Today, we are going to discuss steps for enabling desktop email notifications. If you want to receive notifications for new mail on your desktop, then must read the content of this page. You will not miss even a single message thereafter. The basic steps to enable notifications include login to the account> go to settings> click ‘Notifications’. After clicking on the ‘Notification page’, go through the below-mentioned steps. Read all the steps carefully and slowly as a single step if left by chance may put you in trouble.

  1. Go to the Bellsouth email account by entering the login address and password.
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ page. If no such page is available, click on the ‘Profile’ photo and check the options.
  3. Click on ‘General’.
  4. From ‘General’ go to the ‘Notifications’ menu. You will find a list of emails configured on the Bellsouth server. Select the one for which you want to turn on notifications.
  5. You will find 3 different options on the screen, out of which you can select anyone.
  • For new email: If you enable this option, you will be notified on the arrival of a new email in the inbox folder of the Bellsouth account.
  • Important email: If you have flagged any email address as important, then you will be notified only when you receive the message from that email address.
  • Off: This option is for disabling the notifications on the desktop. It is mainly preferred when someone else is using your desktop and you don’t want to share your important emails with that person.
  1. Select any one out of the three.
  2. Tap to save changes. After this, you can send a test mail to your Bellsouth email account and check whether the recent settings are working or not.

If after changing the settings, you are still not getting the notifications, then don’t search around on the internet, just contact the email experts. They will guide you most conveniently. Yes, if you get success, you can start reading emails from the desktop screen itself. You will even find the ‘Reply’ option at the bottom of the message from where you can directly reply without opening the complete message. The hectic of login into the account again and again from the desktop can be averted thereafter.

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