June 19, 2024

How To Troubleshoot Bellsouth Email Problems With Simple & Easy Steps?

The main function of any email service is to deliver a seamless mode of communication between two or more people but if it has not been able to solve the intended purpose, then it is of no use. You must troubleshoot the problem occurring in it. Today, we are going to discuss different scenarios which may result in the Bellsouth email problem.

Problem with the server?

If there is any problem with the server, then you may find a problem in accessing the Bellsouth email account. To solve the server problem, follow the steps:

  1. Bypass the client-server and your local server.
  2. Go to the official page directly and login with the existing username and password.
  3. If there is a problem in signing into the account, then check the password once.
  4. If the login is successful, then try sending the emails to your friends or yourself.
  5. If the problem still exists, then call your server support team.

Is the network working properly?

When you connect to the internet at home, then the data is transmitted in packets through different sources. It first reaches the local client, then to the server, and finally to the destination. If you are getting the problem connecting to the network, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run a speed test from the online link. If the speed link is not known to you, directly type ‘test my network speed’. If you find any problem in your network, then call the internet service provider.
  • Check the outgoing port settings for your Bellsouth email account. The port number otherwise specified for Bellsouth’s outgoing server is 25.
  • If this port number is blocked by your PC, then it may be due to security concerns.
  • For incoming servers, the port number allocated is 110, 465, and 587.
  • For SSL type security, use Port number 995.
  • Check if the problem is now resolved or not. If not, then you need to go to the next troubleshooting step.

Information related to port number 25: This port might be blocked by your internet service provider because this number may disturb the data stored on your computer. The alternate number to this port is 587. If your ISP is providing the details related to servers, then there is no need to enter the settings manually.

Problem with the local client?

If you find that the aforementioned problems are not the major cause of your problem, then check the local client and diagnose it. The steps to find the problem in local email clients are:

  1. Check the settings of your Bellsouth email account by visiting the official page. If you find any problem with the configured settings, then check and inspect the settings properly. You can take support from third-party email support providers.
  2. If the problem persists, then you need to delete the account from the Bellsouth official page and sign-up with new credentials.
  3. You can also install the email app on your smart device by visiting the official Bellsouth link.

In this way, you can troubleshoot the problem related to the Bellsouth email account. We hope the above-mentioned steps will work for you. In case, you are still unsatisfied or getting the same problem on your device, then the best way is to get instant support from the bioactive executives available at a 24×7 support number. They will help you in resetting the Bellsouth email settings of your Bellsouth email account.

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